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Workers Compensation

Workers' compensation, commonly known as workers' comp, is a form of insurance that offers benefits to workers who sustain work-related injuries, such as wage replacement and medical treatment. We at Foti Law LLC in Malden are aware of the stress that may develop following a workplace accident, especially when the costs start to mount up. Jobs are meant to offer stability and financial support. A professional injury, though, might leave you feeling more powerless and concerned about the future.

Your lost pay and medical expenses must be covered if you were hurt at work. If you have the workers' compensation attorney of Foti Law LLC on your side, you can accomplish this without endangering your job.

The Importance of Workers' Compensation in Malden Massachusetts

Every day at work, Massachusetts workers encounter a variety of risks. They spend more time at work than anywhere else, and there they are more likely to have an injury. Employees experience injury whether they are hanging from bridges or working at a desk, and they frequently push through discomfort to complete their tasks. Employees with pre-existing conditions may also be eligible for workers' compensation payments, but they must be able to demonstrate that a work-related accident made their condition worse or worsened it in some other way. In other words, the injury must have been worsened as a direct result of the workplace accident to qualify for reimbursement for further medical care or disability leave.

The knowledgeable Massachusetts workers' compensation lawyers at Foti Law LLC can assist you if you have sustained a workplace injury.

Workers' Compensation Law in Massachusetts

You need workers' compensation coverage in Massachusetts regardless of how many employees you have. Workers and employers are equally protected by Massachusetts' workers' compensation system. When one of your employees becomes ill or injured at work, workers' compensation coverage offers benefits.

For an Employer - workers' compensation limits your liability for illnesses or injuries sustained at employment for your business. However, if you were intentionally negligent, your business would not be immune from responsibility. Workers' compensation helps cover the cost of any required medical care for illnesses or injuries sustained at work. Additionally, it helps in reimbursing employees for lost pay beyond 5 working days.

The Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Law is administered by the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA). This law imposes specific duties on you as an employer in Massachusetts.

Types of Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

These are the conditions that must be met to qualify for the various types of Massachusetts workers' compensation coverages available:

Permanent and total incapacity

The employee may claim these benefits if his or her work-related illness or injury prevents them from performing any sort of work. The person's average gross weekly income, which is subject to an annual cost-of-living adjustment, makes up 66% of their permanent disability payment.

Temporary total incapacity

Following a work illness or injury, a person is considered temporarily totally incapacitated if they are unable to work for at least six days. This benefit covers up to 156 weeks, which do not have to be consecutive, and pays 60% of the worker's average weekly earnings from the year before the injury.

Partial temporary incapacity

A person who is partially incapacitated cannot work as much as they could before being sick or hurt at work. This can entail working fewer hours or switching to a lower-paying position. Up to 75% of the entire weekly temporary benefit amount, or 60% of the employee's typical weekly income, may be paid out under this benefit. The length of these installments is up to around 60 months.

The employee's medical expenses will also be covered by the employer's workers' compensation plan. This covers all medicines and medical services, as well as travel to medical appointments. Other Massachusetts workers' compensation benefits include a one-time payout for permanent scarring, loss of function, or deformity, as well as vocational rehabilitation services.

Statute of Limitations for Workers Compensation Claims in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are rigorous deadlines for submitting workers' compensation claims. Depending on your case's specifics, these deadlines may change. The timer often begins when you realize there is a link between your illness or injury and your place of employment. Your case will almost certainly be denied if the essential paperwork is not submitted promptly. You won't be able to seek compensation for your injuries if this happens.

We don't want you to experience this. Engaging the assistance of a knowledgeable workers' compensation attorney in Massachusetts at Foti Law LLC to handle your case can enable you to ensure that your paperwork is submitted on time. The Massachusetts workers compensation lawyers at Foti Law LLC in Malden can go over the specifics of your case, go over your rights, and walk you through the procedure step-by-step.

How Can I Be Certain That I Am Eligible for Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Generally speaking, two main aspects establish your eligibility: Whether you are an "employee" of your company as opposed to an "Independent Contractor" is the first consideration, followed by whether your injury was "caused by" your job. You can get guidance on your specific issue from our expert workers' compensation attorney. For a consultation, if you have been injured and are uncertain about whether you qualify as an "employee," get in touch with us.

Other eligible benefits under workers' compensation include:

  • Medical costs
  • Loss of Function
  • Property damage
  • Therapies
  • And other applicable benefits

Workers' compensation benefits will be doubled under Massachusetts Law Chapter 152, Section 28 if the damage was brought on by the employer's serious and intentional wrongdoing. This implies that you can be qualified for double workers' compensation payments if your employer keeps a workplace that is hazardous and disregards safety and health laws.

Contact our Massachusetts Workers Compensation Attorney

Employers and site managers are required to adopt a number of safety measures to guarantee the security of their employees. Sadly, they frequently fail to do so, which results in harm that can change a person's life. It's possible that this is the reason Massachusetts law requires companies to provide workers' compensation insurance to their employees.

Our Massachusetts workers' compensation lawyers at Foti Law LLC In Malden are experienced with the intricacies of Massachusetts law and the best ways to secure you the most reimbursement possible. To learn more, call us right now, or get in touch with our offices to arrange a no-cost consultation.

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