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Scooter Accidents in Malden Massachusetts

Scooters Accident LawyersMajor cities are buzzing with talk of scooters. They are easily accessible on many street corners and offer a simple means of mobility in crowded areas. In densely populated cities, in particular, electronic scooters (e-scooters) are becoming more prevalent. However, using this mode of transportation raises the risk of accidents and life-changing injuries.

Consulting a Malden Massachusetts scooter accident attorney is in your long-term interest if you or a loved one was hurt in an accident that wasn't your fault. Contact a Malden Personal Injury attorney at Foti Law LLC if you were hurt while riding a scooter or if a negligent scooter rider caused you harm.

Scooters and E-Scooters: What Are they?

E-scooters are a different kind of vehicle than regular scooters. A scooter is a vehicle with two wheels and a flat bottom that allows a user to stand atop and advance by gaining momentum with their foot. The type of scooter we are referring to in this article is an electric scooter, which has a similar design to a scooter and serves the same functions. In comparison to standard scooters, e-scooters have a far higher risk of accidents and injuries and can travel up to 15-20 miles per hour. E-scooters are already widely available, especially in Malden, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Scooter Laws

There are currently no laws in Massachusetts that are explicitly related to electric scooters. Rather, it has a motorized scooter statute that covers e-scooters as well. The state applies its motorized scooter regulation to both, even though electric scooters function differently from motorized ones. These regulations limit what Massachusetts e-scooter users are allowed to do.

To lawfully operate an electric scooter in Massachusetts, riders must have a valid learner's permit or regular driver's license; however, they are not required to obtain a specific motorcycle license. A driver's license or learner's permit and the age of 16 or older are required to legally operate an electric scooter. In Massachusetts, motor scooters are not allowed to take passengers.

Electric scooter users are permitted to use all public pathways, except for restricted access areas, express state highways, and any location where scooters or bicycles are expressly forbidden by posted signs.

On sidewalks, electric scooters are only permitted in two situations. The first is a circumstance that makes riding anywhere other than the sidewalk risky, and the second is a local law requiring the sidewalk use of scooters. In either situation, scooters must give an audible signal before passing any pedestrian on the sidewalk to respect their right of way.

Penalties for Scooter Violations

Electric scooters are subject to the same laws and regulations as other motorized vehicles. Riders of electric scooters who break the law put themselves and others in danger and are liable to fines. They also increase their chance of suffering serious injuries. A fine of up to $25 may be imposed for a first offense, $25 to $50 for a second, and $50 to $100 for a third or subsequent violation of any of the motorized scooter laws.

In Massachusetts, Who Is Responsible for Damages Following an Electric Scooter Accident?

This is where the issues begin if you're looking for compensation after an accident with an electric scooter from the scooter-share company. Drivers must have liability insurance when operating a vehicle, but not when operating an electric scooter. Depending on who caused the accident, whoever was at fault will have to cover your damages.

Since Massachusetts is a no-fault state, anybody involved in an auto accident must claim under his or her policy to be reimbursed for any related costs, such as medical bills and property damage. Your injuries must be severe enough to result in lifetime problems to file a liability claim against the person who caused the accident, or your injuries must exceed two thousand dollars in reasonable medical expenditures.

Massachusetts is a state that applies a modified form of comparative negligence if you are pursuing a liability claim against the responsible party. This means that even if you contributed a small amount of the blame, you can still be eligible to get compensation for some of your losses as long as your share of the blame is less than 51%. You could receive 85% of your losses, for instance, if the other party is found to be 85% at fault and you are 15% at fault. However, because they were at least 51% at blame, the other party was not entitled to receive 15% of their losses.

Faulty Scooters

According to Massachusetts law, motorized scooters must adhere to federal motor vehicle safety requirements. A scooter must be tested after an accident to rule out the possibility that a faulty component was at fault. Sadly, it is not always possible to rule this out. E-scooters in particular have been recalled for acceleration issues and loose parts since motorized scooters are known for having safety flaws.

Massachusetts Scooter Accident Claim Filing

Victims involved in scooter accidents suffer fatalities or severe injuries. While seeking immediate medical assistance after an accident should always be the injured rider's priority, it is generally crucial to speak with a Malden Scooter Accident Attorney at Foti Law LLC as soon as possible to recover damages for your injuries. Additionally, the tragically deceased victim's surviving family members may be eligible for compensation through a Massachusetts Wrongful Death Claim.

It is naturally challenging to find the time to speak with a lawyer about your legal rights after an accident. However, if you wait too long to file a lawsuit, the applicable statute of limitations may preclude your case and you will be unable to receive compensation for your losses or injuries.

Contact our Malden Massachusetts Scooter Accident Attorney

Everyone takes their time when beginning a drawn-out legal process, but it's crucial to get started on your claim. Your prospects of getting full compensation for your losses are stronger the more information and facts you have. So that you may concentrate on fully recovering from your accident, the legal staff at Foti Law LLC will act on your behalf to pursue your claim.

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