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Motorcycle Accidents

We’re Here to Help You Get the Most From Your Claim

We understand the struggles that can come with motorcycle accidents. Our team is deeply aware of the passions and rights our motorcyclists have and is committed to providing your case with the utmost quality and care to get the law on your side. Attorney Matthew M. Foti was an avid motorcyclist before he was hit by a driver running a red light. At Foti Law LLC we can relate to the physical and emotional pain that is associated with a motorcycle accident.

It is no question: accidents do happen, especially when it comes to motorcycles. In fact, the U.S. boasts an estimated 4 million registered motorcycles. Tragically, thousands of motorcyclists are seriously injured or killed in various traffic accidents throughout the nation with each passing year. More than 200 motorcyclists died and 500+ were seriously injured on roads between 2010 and 2013 in Massachusetts alone. To support the victims and surviving loved ones of such events, we are deeply committed to getting the compensation that is deserved from the insurance companies and at fault operators.

Motorcycle Accidents The process following a motorcycle accident can be a complicated one for everyone involved. Not only are most injuries severe; to make matters worse, a majority of riders are unfairly accused of being at fault by irresponsible drivers. To combat this growing issue, we stay aware of every case to help motorcyclists receive the compensation they deserve and to keep any liability from landing on their shoulders by biased insurance companies.

Here are a few examples of other drivers’ fault:

  • Cutting off the motorcyclist
  • Driving through red lights and stop signs
  • Failure to leave adequate room between their vehicle and the motorcyclist
  • Distracted driving/Texting and driving/Driving under the influence
  • Swerving into the motorcyclist
  • Changing lanes without looking
  • Failure to yield to the motorcyclist

As you can see, other drivers hold a large amount of responsibility when it comes to the safety of our motorcyclists – and yet they will try to get away with being reckless while blaming those they injured. As passionate motorcycle accident attorneys, it is our mission to make sure that does not happen – you can trust us to be on your side every step of the way.

Handling Insurance

We know the ins and outs of how insurance companies work, and we are dedicated to helping you find solutions for even the most complicated of issues.

More often than not, Massachusetts motorcyclists are not at any fault when it comes to accidents with drivers. Despite a clear contrast in responsibility, insurance companies can confuse riders when it comes to collecting adequate damage compensation.

If you were involved in an accident in which you were not at fault, our experienced team of accident attorneys will advocate on your behalf to get you what is deserved. With us at your side, you will avoid being strong-armed into a mediocre settlement deal by a predatory insurance company. By refusing to partake in discussions until contacting one of our attorneys, you will receive the compensation you truly deserve.

Pursuing Compensation

Regardless of the circumstances, motorcyclists are at incredible risk when it comes to riding compared to drivers in a motor vehicle. For this reason, injuries that occur from an accident can be catastrophic, requiring extensive medical care, medication, and rehabilitation.

As daunting as it may seem, our attorneys are more than prepared to lead our clients through this process with utmost efficiency. Once we have collected the necessary facts pertaining to the incident and acquired substantial evidence regarding your injuries, we will help you seek the required amount of compensation.

Some of the damages we cover include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Any medical bills acquired
  • How your life is impacted moving forward

Contact us today for a free consultation if you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Massachusetts. Our skilled attorneys are prepared to discuss the facts of your case with you and to plan out the next steps necessary.


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"I really like his professionalism he is very details oriented and clear he makes my case very smooth and stress-free. I like the fact that he is flexible I can contact him anytime with any questions. He is a great listener. Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I will definitely recommend him his amazing. God blessed you." Richecardine B.
"Matt took good care of me and guided me throughout the process. He's very acknowledgeable and is quick with an answer whenever I had questions. I highly recommend Matt to represent your case because he gets the job done!" Malori J.
"Mr. Foti was a pleasure to work with. He handled my case with ease and kept me informed along the way. He is extremely professional and made me feel confident in his abilities. Will definitely be reaching out to Foti Law LLC should I have another issue in the future! Thanks again!!" Sharon R.
"Matt was very professional. Any time I had any questions he was upfront and honest with his answers. I highly recommend him." Ken
"I highly recommend him. He such an amazing professional lawyer." Selena D.