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Hit and Run Accidents in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts hit and run accident lawyers at Foti Law LLC understand that being involved in a hit and run accident is traumatic enough, but occasionally people are involved in a hit and run collisions when the other driver flees the scene and cannot be located.

If you were hurt in a hit-and-run accident in Massachusetts, you'll probably have to pay large medical bills while you're out of work and cope with long-term medical treatment and its related costs. The injuries sustained in hit-and-run incidents appear to lean primarily toward the serious and deadly, therefore victims and their families must get in touch with a qualified attorney for support.

Contacting a Massachusetts accident attorney at Foti Law LLC will assist you in sorting out the specifics and properly pursuing compensation as soon as you can do so. This could make it possible for you to obtain justice and hold the motorist who caused the hit-and-run accident accountable for their acts as well as your financial, psychological, emotional, and bodily suffering.

Hit-and-Run Incidents in Massachusetts

The common element in all hit-and-run accident cases is that the driver of the motor vehicle involved flees the site of the collision without providing their name or other identifying information. Typically, if a motorist who can be identified caused an accident and has insurance, a claim might be filed against the driver's insurance provider. However, an injured individual may still be entitled to reimbursement through his or her motor insurance policy, which offers legal compensation for this kind of risk, even if there is no identified driver and insurance provider to pursue a claim against.

The uninsured motorist terms of Massachusetts auto insurance plans give hit-and-run accident victims the right to compensation; that is, a driver who strikes and runs is regarded as an uninsured motorist for which an injured party's own insurance company can be ordered to pay compensation.

Causes of Hit-and-Run Accidents That Are Common

Any collision may destroy you and your car, but when the other motorist does not stop or flees the scene without giving any information about themselves, it can be even more difficult to recover. The following are a few of the most typical reasons for hit-and-run incidents:

  • Not following a Traffic sign
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • impaired driving
  • Refusal to yield

Prioritize your safety if you ever see yourself or another driver driving carelessly or while distracted to spare yourself (and others) the physical and emotional pain of an accident.

Serious Consequences Under the Law

In Massachusetts, failing to accept responsibility after causing a hit-and-run accident and fleeing the scene is considered a serious crime. You may be fined up to $1,000 and have your license suspended for at least a year if this happens civilly. A minimum jail term of 6 months is also compulsory for you, but it might be waived in specific circumstances.

Hit-and-Run Accident Injuries

Injuries from hit-and-run incidents range from minor bruising and lacerations to catastrophic injuries, such as:

Broken limbs, disfigurement, internal injuries, spinal injuries, neck and back sprains, cuts, lacerations, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and death.

PTS is a common condition that hit-and-run victims experience. After enduring a traumatic incident, persons who have PTS have symptoms including flashbacks, insomnia, anxiety symptoms, panic disorder, sorrow, and suicide thoughts. You might require professional assistance to deal with your mental health following a traumatic car accident if a hit-and-run accident caused you harm.

Insurance Protection for Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents

In contrast to a conventional vehicle accident claim, hit and run claimants must go to their automobile insurance policies for reimbursement under the uninsured motorist clauses (UM) in their policies if the hit and run driver cannot be found or that driver was uninsured. If they have such coverage, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists can also turn to their insurer for UM benefits. The required UM coverage in Massachusetts is $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. This typically falls short. Increase your coverage.

You must haggle over your losses with your insurance provider if you have uninsured coverage. Even though it is your insurance, you are now in a conflict with them since they do not have your objectives in mind.

The insurer will submit your UM claim to its legal advisers to fight itself and reduce the amount of your claim if you are unable to settle your injury claim. Instead of going to court, the dispute will be resolved through arbitration, which will also involve the standard discovery procedures, such as gathering pertinent medical, employment, and other data, medical reports, witness testimonies, police reports, and investigative records. However, binding arbitration will be used to resolve your dispute rather than a judge and jury. You must still satisfy certain evidential and basic standards for your damages to be taken into account, even though the rules of evidence may be considerably laxened. To prepare for and carry out arbitration, you need a determined, skilled attorney.

Similar to any other personal injury claim, your damages in a UM lawsuit include:

Past and future medical costs; past and future lost wages; lowered earning ability; loss of financial advantages; pain and suffering; and a spouse's claim for loss of consortium

The Limitations Period May Influence Your Case

A statute of limitations is state legislation that establishes the period after wrongdoing that you have to file a lawsuit. The limitation period for personal injury claims in Massachusetts is typically three years, as stated by M.G.L. Ch.260 2A.

You normally cannot get any damages if the event occurred more than three years ago. However, statutes of limitations can occasionally be exempted, so it can still be beneficial to speak with a Massachusetts hit-and-run accident attorney at Foti Law LLC to make sure you are aware of your legal alternatives.

Contact Our Massachusetts Hit and Run Accident Attorney

It is a serious situation when a motorist leaves the site of the accident, whether you were hit by the automobile while walking, riding a bicycle, or were in another car.

In the above situations, hiring a skilled automobile accident attorney at Foti Law LLC in Massachusetts is crucial if you want to maximize the amount of money that is available for your claim. Contact our law office today for more information.

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